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Hair Bonding

We, at Hair Life Care salon, provide the Best and Affordable Hair Bonding in Delhi. In this procedure, instead of trying the patch with the original hair, specially designed clips are attached to the patch. This patch can be clipped onto the original hair and removed, if necessary. Our hair bonding technique is a painless and non-surgical procedure providing a quick remedy with no side effects, thus promising a complete piece of mind to our esteemed clients. This hair bonding technique is gaining popularity among both men and women. The fact that many doctors have undergone hair bonding authenticates the safety of this technique and its advantage over other treatments for baldness. It's a non-surgical and painless solution to baldness.

Hair bonding fundamentally includes altering additional strands of hair to your distinctive hair. This is typically honed when you have no hair on the front of the scalp. The hair can be joined to the scalp utilizing various hair bonding procedures. In the hair bonding technique, the expansions utilized have a latex plug intended to be stuck to your hair for momentary use. The extra hair could be genuine or imitation.

Hair bonding is an extraordinary approach to expanding the length of your hair or attempt new styles. The hair bonding treatment includes an easy, non-surgical approach to adding perfect hair augmentations to your existing hair.

Process of Hair Bonding Treatment:

The initial step is to take the hair extensions to coordinate the distinctive hair. It is then organized and altered to the scalp inside the individual hair to convey the best result according to the patient’s desires. You may require some essential hair cutting at first to bond the extra strand that guarantees you look amazingly lovely with your hair that shows up as a constant strand with no perceptible contrasts between your genuine hair and the imitation strand.

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