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Hair Damage

The hair is a fibrous product that grows to a 1/4th inch each month. It grows from a follicle in the head. Only when the follicle is healthy enough and strong, will it contribute to hair growth. After the growth, it moves into the resting phase followed by shedding phase. Actually, the shedding of hair is providing a room for the new hair to grow. The size of the follicle decides the thickness of hair. Hair damage is caused when the follicle is spoiled.
The hair is with three layers, an inner fiber surrounded by the cortex and covered with a cuticle. When the cuticle is damaged, the inner components get exposed to the harsh environment causing damage to the hair. The more you go for styling your hair, the more you are spoiling it.

Perming: this refers to hair straightening or curling using chemicals. Nowadays hair straightening and curling is the fascination of youth. They do this regularly. In doing this, the beauticians apply chemicals to the hair, which causes damage to the hair or to its follicle. This results in hair loss. It also weakens the hair, making it get damaged easily.

Hair styling: in style hair with updated trends, high pressure may be applied in some instances. In such case, hair is pushed out of the follicle, causing it???s shedding. Whenever a discomfort is felt in hairdressing, be sure that it will cause hair loss.

Braids and ponytails: these hair styles when used in a regular manner will cause hair loss as it is put up in a tight mode. This doesn???t suit your hair, especially when it is wet. Wet hair is very delicate. It will get damaged easily.

Overuse of shampoos: though shampoos are used to cleanse the hair, over washing it will cause the hair to fall out of the follicle. When doing this you are actually washing away the natural moisturizing component, protecting your hair from getting dry. Using of shampoos continuously will put your hair in a dangerous zone.

Use of blow drying: heat damages the hair. It induces damage by impairing the hydrogen bond gripping the hair in a well-organized mode. It will give the hair a dull look. Using the hair dryer will result in a permanent damage to the hair.

Over- brushing: over-brushing your hair will adversely affect your hair. It will cause the hair splitting and the hair breakage. Too much of brushing will cause too much friction for the hair. Using cheap brushes for combing your hair will harm your hair, causing tangles and snags.

Bleaching: the chemicals used for this process, drills into the cuticle removing the natural pigment of hair. Use of the chemicals will alter the hair structure making it more susceptible to damage. Bleaching always weakens your hair, which makes it get damaged easily.

Dying and coloring: using of dyes and temporary coloring of hair for style will damage the hair can adversely affect the inner framework of hair, ultimately damaging the hair.

The above mentioned are the most common manners adversely affecting the hair structure. It results in hair loss. The above processes weaken your hair and its follicle, causing hair loss.

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