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Hair Extensions

So you want to get Hair Extensions but you've heard the horror stories and you're petrified that you'll end up bald, ugly and a lot poorer when it's all over? Well, if you don't do your homework then, of course, this could happen. But there's a way to have beautiful hair using Hair Extensions without damaging your own hair, and in fact allowing your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process.

Hair Extensions with clip or glue The Individual method involves taking small amounts (maybe 20-50 strands) of extension hair and applying to small sections of your own hair by either weaving in, heat fusing explanatory), gluing, clipping,These extensions usually only last a few months before they have to be taken out and completely re-done..

Weft hair extension Wefts are attached to your head by sewing them to a tiny braid or track made out of your own hair. The track runs horizontally around the back of your head. The tracks are done in the middle of your scalp underneath your hairline so you can't see them. The crown area of your own hair covers the top track making the extensions seem invisible. The number and size of tracks match the number and size of wefts. The wefts and tracks ideally should be made in different sizes in order to match exactly the way your hair would look if you had grown it that way yourself.

depending upon how much hair you need depends on how many tracks you have. For example: If I had hair to my chin and I wanted the hair to my shoulder (about 18" long) I might need 5 or 6 tracks/wefts depending upon my current haircut. If I had hair to my shoulders that were thin and stringy and I wanted it thicker and more luscious but the same length I might need 2 or 3 (or more) tracks/wefts.

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