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Hair Loss For Men

Hair loss is a common upshot of men nowadays. Men of the 40s, 30s, and now even 20s are facing this dilemma. Men are trying to keep up their hairline and retain their hair. In the early 20s men inches to heavy hair loss that has become irresistible. Early baldness or hair loss in men is now a habitual event. The lifestyle of the new generation now has a dashing impact on the loss of hair in men. But no one can curse the poor diet alone as the reason. We can have a look at it:

Stress: this is another major concern, which men cannot ignore. The stress in the career itself is a cause for their hair loss. Stress generates many hormones, adversely affecting the hair. It can also result in an imbalance of hormones in the human body, resulting in hair loss. The absence of adequate circulation: each hair comes from a follicle. It is strengthened by the nutrients and proteins made available to the hair follicle by the circulation of blood. But when an obstruction is caused, hair loss is sure to appear.

Hair styling and treatment: now hair styling, gelling, chemical treatment of hair, using hair curlers, dyes, hair colors can damage the hair. Even the use of pressure in hairs can cause hair loss. Heat, chemicals used in the hair styling process never suit the hair. It only results in hair loss.

Diseases: diseases like thyroid problems and diabetes commonly causes hair loss. There many other serious diseases like cancer, for which chemotherapy is the treatment can damage the hair and follicle causing excessive hair loss.

Peculiar human habits: certain human habits like stretching the hair frequently to the back or pulling hair as a habit is a serious problem for the hair loss in men. Smoking habit causes hair loss in excess. The carbon monoxide, inhaled during smoking prevents the adequate nutrient and oxygen supply to the follicle resulting in its damage, causing hair loss. The nicotine that enters the male body, causes the blood vessel constriction leading to hair loss. Infections caused by ringworms, particularly called as Tinea capitis results in hair loss with no age bar. Shampooing causes the loss of natural oil secreted in the scalp of hair. This leads to the dryness of the scalp resulting in excessive hair loss.

Medication: use of various medicines, apart from the medicines used at the time of chemotherapy causes hair loss in abundance. Various medications have an adverse effect on the human body, causing the hair loss in various manners.

These are some of the simple steps promoting hair loss. Go for a healthy lifestyle. Have an approach to the traditional lifestyle to some extent. It will surely do away with all these problems causing hair loss and will augment the hair growth. Avoid using medicines in particular. Only in an unavoidable stage go for it.

Diet: it is normal for every person to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. Only when this count exceeds one has to be alert. The main reason for hair loss in men and women can due to poor diet consumed, in between the daily busy life schedule. About 90% of hair is in a growing phase. Others remain dormant. Vitamins like folic acid, zinc, vitamin D, calcium, iron and vitamin B, especially vitamin B12 are essential for hair growth. But the youths face a race against time to save their hair. Proper food at the apt time could prevent the hair loss to an extent.