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Hair Loss For Women

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Hair loss in men and women are not rare instances nowadays. It is a very common issue interrupting most women at all times. They are very much concerned about their features so does the hair fall in them causes an unconditional stress in them. At a normal range, each woman loses 50 to 100 hairs per day. This doesn???t cause a problem with them as hair grows more than it falls out. There is a balance between the hair fall and hair growth. Only when this balance is disturbed, hair falls become an issue. Let???s have a look into the some of the causes of hair loss in women.

Stress: this is a serious problem causing women hair loss. Hair passes over a life cycle, including growth, resting and shedding period. When undergoing a stressful period, the life cycle of hair gets disturbed as a whole. More hair gets shifted into the shedding phase. It is due to the hormonal imbalance caused by stress.

Delivery: in women, pregnancy and delivery play a major role in hair growth and hair loss. As delivery is otherwise being called as pretty trauma, it???s a natural outcome that it causes hair loss. This hair loss is due to the fall of estrogen level in the body of women after delivery. It is this estrogen that keeps you away from losing hair during pregnancy. But after delivery, the estrogen level falls resulting in hair loss.

Excessive vitamin A: the excess content of vitamin A will result in hair loss. Consuming vitamin A supplements or medications contributing to vitamin A will trigger the hair loss. A vital symptom of vitamin a toxicity is hair loss.

Deficiency in protein: the lack of protein intake will result in hair loss. When there is a low consumption of protein intake, it will make your body somehow compensate the protein level need. It is this process of body, which result in shutting down the hair growth in the body requiring a lot of proteins. The Body will stop the supply of protein to the hair and will use it for other major functions. This will cause hair loss.

Genetics: this a major segment, causing hair loss in women. When there is a genetic track of hair loss at an early age, women prone to have the same.

Hormonal imbalance: a change occurs in every woman at the time of menopause. At this time a major hormonal imbalance occurs in the body of every woman. The hormonal imbalance at this time imparts an activation of male hormone androgen on the scalp of a woman causing hair loss. The androgen causes the hair follicle to miniature resulting in hair fall.

Anemia: Most women suffer from anemia, a condition of the low content of iron in the blood. This gives space for hair loss in large amount. Iron is an essential nutrient for the hair growth. When it becomes deficient, naturally it will result in hair loss.

Hypothyroidism: when an insufficient amount of hormone is contributed by the thyroid gland, affecting metabolism, development, and growth, it will naturally affect the hair loss. When metabolic activities are not in harmony, it will affect the circulation and all the major functions of the body. The insufficient intake of proteins, nutrients, and vitamins will weaken the hair and causes the hair fall.

Insufficient quantity of vitamin B-12: vitamin B-12 is essential for cellular metabolism. For the new hair to grow cells have to divide regularly producing new DNA. Lack of vitamin B-12 delays the hair growth or at times causes a cutoff. The hair in the shedding phase, at this time, will go off, causing hair loss, with no hair growth.

Disease, Medication, and treatment: intake of various medicine???s effects the hair loss. Moreover, the underlying condition of the body has a major role in hair loss. Only when the body is healthy enough, hair will grow. When the body is weak due to various diseases, it will cause the hair loss. For treating diseases, various medication procedures and medication applied will result in hair loss. An example of this condition is Cancer and the treatment followed for this, the chemotherapy resulting in hair loss.

Here mentioned and a few reasons for hair loss in women. But many are left. But the treatment for all is possible now. There exist no rooms for worries. Approaching good and expertise institutes working in this area will surely help you to come out of the worries of hair loss.