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Testimonials & Comments From Our Clients

Over the years, Hair Life Care Salon has received much appreciations. Our only aim is client satisfaction. We are dedicated to give you the best service. But what makes the real difference and where we find the greatest satisfaction is in seeing the difference we have been able to help our clients achieve in their own lives.
Here are a few of the letters and comments a few of our clients have taken the time to share with us.

Experiencing thinning hair at age 22 was very stressful. I visited Hair Life Care salon, expressed my concerns, and inquired on treatments and procedures that could help with my hair loss. I was set up with a free consultation where they evaluated my situation and told me what options were available for me. I decided to go for hair weaving treatment for my baldness solution.

After that my life changed, I noticed my gorgeous hairs. I started receiving compliments from both family and friends on how well my hair is looking now. I am very pleased with the results that I have experienced at Hair life Care. My hairs look natural and stronger and I have a much thicker head of hair. I feel more confident now and I do not have to worry about my hair loss. The friendly staffs at  Hair Life Care salon have always made me feel comfortable. I am very happy with my decision to go for Hair life Care.
Thanks, Hair Life Care!
Sumit Das, Delhi- Age 22

testimonial of hair life care


"I made an investment in myself. I chose to live my life with hair. I feel sexier with my hair. Unbelievable! Thank You, Hair Life Care!

Somesh Ahuja, Delhi - Age 40






When I started to lose my hair, it was very disturbing because I m a girl. I started wearing ball caps and avoiding mirrors. I finally decided that enough was enough and made an appointment to do something about my hair loss. Hair Life Care has not only given me beautiful hairs, but it has changed my entire life. Being a girl I can tell you that hair weaving has also restored my self-confidence which has had a very positive influence in both my professional and personal life.

I can truly say that I am much happier with a full head of hair.  And my wife loves it too!

Smarika Singh, Age 32



I remember waking up one morning, looking in the mirror and realizing that my hair was never going to grow back. As a stylist, I wouldn't settle for anything that might look unnatural. That's why I was picky!

Thank goodness I took my time and found you. My life has definitely changed for the better. I can relax on the weekend, enjoy my photography and not worry about people bringing up my hair loss. I would recommend this to anybody with a hair loss problem. Go for Hair Life Care!
Abhishek Singh, Age 28